Monday, March 14, 2011

Office At Last

So this weekend was an amazing birthday weekend.  I’m spoiled so, so it wasn’t just a birthDAY, it was a birth-weekend.  Friday night we went out to dinner and the girls gave me the presents they picked out.  They’re so thoughtful, and by thoughtful I mean they really thought out what they got me so that they can play with it. LOL  I got a ladybug pillow pet named “Lollipop”, a princess card with stickers, a Hannah Montana card with a button, a jewelry set (which really was for me, so I think Daddy helped with that one), and a pink “golf hat” aka visor.  My fiancé said my youngest had a fit and would not leave the store without getting the visor.  Ironically enough it fits her just right.   But all in all it was very sweet and I had a lot of fun opening my presents.

Saturday we went down to Columbus to Easton Town Center to the Container Store.  That’s pretty close to heaven for me, which is ironic because as much as I obsess over things that organize, I am organizationally challenged.  Majorly.  So after getting all kinds of new ideas there we all went to dinner at the Mongolian Grill.  Great food.  I’ve never been there before, but the fact that they had calamari on the bar made me happy.  After dinner we did some window shopping and into Apple.  They had the part I needed to hook up my HP monitor to my laptop.  So now I have TWO screens!  Makes writing my research papers sooooo much easier.  I’m truly in love with it!

Before the organization bug caught on.

After working all Sunday afternoon.

Now I can't lose my keys!

Sunday morning I got up and went to Lowes and Wal-Mart to buy some shelves, a cheap desk, and some office organizers.  My favorites are the magazine files, desk top files, and a simple box to hold my CD's and disk drives.  The best thing I found at the Container Store was the Gridit.  I really really want one. Especially after my last trip to Florida.  Would have made my computer bag so much easier to navigate.  Once I got everything and we got started it took all day to get everything put together, but it was worth it.  It has made such a difference.  I also got a front entrance organizer to hang keys and mail in, and a bulletin board for the kitchen so that we can keep up with our menu planning better.

A special area just for menus and shopping lists.
Some great magnets that liven up the area to make it fun.
I got the magnetic shopping list at Target, I can't find it online but there is a similar one here.  The days of the week magnets are from Bealls while visiting my best friend in Florida, the "E" was from Hobby Lobby during their Christmas clearance last year, and the squares are from Wal-Mart.  My next post will be this evening, I'm starting Menu Plan Monday after being inspired by Laura from I'm an Organizing Junkie.

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