Monday, March 28, 2011

Menu Plan Monday (March 28st)

Last week was a challenge.  My fiance was sick so on Friday I took the kids to McDonalds using some gift cards we had from Christmas.  So that threw us off a little.  I also tried to make mini burger cookies, and that didn't go over so well.  But it's a new week and we'll see what turns up!

Betty Crocker Mini Burger Cookies

Monday:  7-layer dip w/ tortillas
Tuesday:  Beef stew w/ salad
Wednesday:  Roast w/ veggies
Thursday:  Chicken fried onions
Friday:  Meatball Subs
Saturday:  Black bean soup w/ tortillas
Sunday:  Chili and crackers
Next Monday:  Pork chops w/ apples and rasins, roasted aparagus, Mac and cheese

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