Sunday, March 20, 2011

Menu Plan Monday (March 21st)

So last week's menu kinda got kaboshed.  I forgot I had a policy council meeting and then couldn't make it.  So we had dinner planned, and then canceled, and then planned again.  And the bbq pork we made turned out so good that we didn't put bbq on it and then turned it into ham and beans with the left overs. Sooo good!  So far here's our menu for next week.

Monday: Steak stir fry with rice (from last week)
Tuesday:  Mom & Me @ the school (dinner provided)
Wednesday:  Grilled cheese and soup
Thursday:  Lemon pepper chicken (my fiance's recipe, it's pretty amazing)
Friday:  Seafood from the freezer (unexciting but easy to fix)
Saturday:  Cashew Chicken
Sunday:  Meatball Subs

I am so coveting the new Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook they came out with before Christmas.  I obsess over BHG.  Here's hoping for a good week!

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