Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Spring is here!!! Almost. *sighs*  Yesterday afternoon it was a partially beautiful, partially rainy and 68 degrees.  This morning my car was covered in ice and snow!  Scraping at 4:30 in the morning to get to work = not very happy.  So today I am daydreaming.  Spring is wonderful and fabulous and all, but I’m dreaming of summer.  So I’m going to walk you through my summer daydream.

First imagine it’s warm and sunny afternoon, the kids are outside playing in a little pool running around and you’re getting ready for dinner. (Here comes the good part.)  The menu is pizza fixed on the grill, there’s no need in heating up the house with the oven.  I’m thinking chicken or sausage fixed on the grill with fresh mozzarella and herbs and veggies from the garden.  But since our house is small and our yard is as well our veggies are coming from beautiful container pots. 

I’m really wanting a “Pizza Pot” this summer with tomatoes, green peppers, basil, and oregano.  When looking for information about it I came across this video    Lowes mailed out a news letter this week too that had some great ideas and beautiful pictures in it as well.  While I realize that themed container gardens are not a new concept, they are to me.  So imagine how thrilled I was when I got my new issue of BHG and it had another themed pot for a salad.  Brilliant!  BHG also has a great garden design app on their website that can help you plan just about anything.

Also new to me, as so much is, is the fact that some flowers are edible.  BHG actually suggests growing edible flowers like pansies or some chives along with the lettuce.  So when I read through my e-letter from Right at Home I was absolutely giddy when I saw this! 

Pansy Flower Cookies
The recipe for these gorgeous little nibblets can be found HERE.

So there it is, my summer evening dream.  Pizza made from container grown veggies, fresh salad, and pansy flower cookies.  Top that off with some sweet tea and I am floating on cloud nine.  What is your dream summer evening dinner?

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