Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wedding Wednesday!

So I have this obsession with dandelions.  And it's going to carry into my wedding.  I know most people look at them as weeds but if I woke up one morning and our yard was a sea of yellow I would be the happiest girl in the world.

This whole train of thought started when I found these...
I oooh and aaah over these for quite awhile before my fiance crushed my hopes with a big fat stern "NO".  So I was back thinking about the wild flower bouquet I'd originally wanted and I wanted dandelions in it.  I've found so many beautiful dandelions today.

The girls and I even had a dandelion kind of afternoon.  They're everywhere right now!

Pretty little basket.

After a long search online I have come to the disappointing conclusion that NO ONE makes artificial dandelions.  I may just have to use mums instead.  But I want the girls to blow dandelion puffs and toss the flowers.  *happy sigh*

Yes, those are my toes.

(All personal photos are edited by Joshua Morrison Photography)

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  1. Those mums are awfully awesome, too. Like dandelions on steroids ;P