Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wedding Wednesday!

Bridesmaids' Edition:

So here are some of the dresses we've been looking at...
Not the best cut nor does it come in the right sizes, but I am personally in love with this dress.  It completely embodies the feel I am going for.  I may buy it for myself :)

This one is more manageable, but David's Bridal is difficult to work with sometimes, plus it's more than I want my bridesmaids to have to spend.   However, we're getting closer!

This one Sarah found at Sears, I think this one would look great, provided it's long enough.  


The problem is finding a dress that will suit all three of my bridesmaids that live all across the country.

Next Week:  Accessories!

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  1. my goodness you should definitely buy that first dress for yourself! SO cute!