Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wedding Wednesday!

I am getting married June of next year, and from now until then every Wednesday I am going to post anything and everything about our plans, ideas, pictures, you name it.  Last week I started looking around at wedding dresses.  It's going to be a summer casual wedding, most likely outside so I want a short(er) wedding dress.  When I typed "short wedding dress" into Google this was one of the first pictures I found...

I'm pretty sure my jaw just about fell off my face.  The very first one was so racy I wouldn't even dream of reposting it.  
This is more along the lines of what I am looking for.

In fact, that one is pretty much perfect, but I can't find who makes it.  Two other ones I did find were these...

The one on the left is a little too causal, but I don't know how the one on the right really looks cause the model has her legs spread so far apart I can't tell if it flares out some (which is what I want) or if it's fitted.   Since the dress is going to be short, I really don't want it to be tight too.


  1. Super cute and I look foward to reading your wedding post! I got married in August 2010, so if ya have any questions I'm here! :) Congrats!!!

  2. i really like all of them. except for the first one. looks kinda like a burlesque costume. :)
    does this mean that we are going to be wearing short dresses too?

  3. Same length as my dress, nothing more than an inch or two above the knee so that we can have fun without showing anything.

  4. One year is decent enough (to put things together) :-)