Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Getting Organized

I am on a mission to get organized.  My life, much like anyone else's before they realize they are surrounded by utter chaos, is just that; utter chaos.  Losing things daily, not having a plan, and just simply not knowing cost us valuable time and money every day.  Being organized happens one of two ways: being raised in a very orderly, organized home where it is maintained, taught and ingrained, or hitting a brick wall face first in a pile of "stuff" and figuring out how to keep things in order out of necessity.  I am the latter of the two examples.

My first priority is to get a home management binder together.  I have been all over the internet ready countless blogs about these, and have gathered many MANY templates for ideas and use.  A few I have created myself because they didn't function the way I wanted and I'm going to be sharing them with you as I go.  

In my opinion meal planning is one of the biggest problems in our house.  The Mr. and I both love to cook, however if we don't know what we're cooking and don't have anything thawed, we both get lazy and the sudden craving for pizza becomes overwhelming. (I could eat pizza everyday and be perfectly content.)  So meal planning is something I've been working on slowly.  By slowing I mean planning for a week or two, getting the groceries, then making what was on the list here and there.  I've got the planning and buying down, now it's the executing I've got to work on.  I think having a schedule of what will be fixed when and really committing to it is going to make a big difference.

What I created today was a monthly meal calendar, because I couldn't find one that I just really cared for.  I prefer things to look "pretty" when I use them.  Simply, I enjoy using things that I like to look at.  For some this will sound ridiculous, i.e. the Mr.  For him as long as it serves it's purpose it doesn't matter what it looks like, but my right brain will shrivel up and die if I lived like that. ;)  So here is the Calendar I made, feel free to use it if you wish just leave a comment and let me know how you like it.

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