Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bug Hunting!

I was at the dollar store the other day, which is almost as good as a thrift store, and found a bug house and bug catching tools for the girls.  They're becoming more interested in bugs and less apt to blow your ear drums out when one gets near, so I thought they would have fun examining some "safe" bugs.

They were pretty proud of themselves all in all.  They wanted to find some rolly pollies but they found a june bug, a "REALLY REALLY BIG ANT!", and some centipedes.

While looking for something for the girls to do I found Project Noah on my phone, it also is available for your Mac in the app store and syncs all your information.  The girls absolutely love it.  We've done a few things so far, and more that I need to upload.  It's really a beautiful layout.

These are some of the "Missions" we are participating in.

 These are some of their recent discoveries.

It's great because they get to feel like Dora and Diego on adventures and discovering new things.  There is also an interactive world wide map that lets you see "discoveries" from all over the world.  It's a great way for them to see things they would never have a chance to otherwise.  And best of all it's FREE!

You can also order bug catchers, bug houses, nets and magnifying glasses online.

P.S. Please ignore all the windows and apps I have open.  My desktop is always in chaos and it drives my fiance insane.

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  1. So much for children to learn about bugs and insects. The tools you bought for them are an ideal way for them to do so safely.