Thursday, January 27, 2011


I used to laugh every time I saw a friend post on their Facebook page that they needed phone numbers because they 'lost' theirs.  The idea to me was ridiculous.  How do you 'lose' phone numbers?

A little more than a year ago my fiance bought me a smartphone for Christmas, and very promptly we added all of my contacts that were in my previous phone.  He however did it very differently than I had already prepared myself for.  I was ready to enter each one painstakingly by hand pressing hundreds of little buttons to make sure I didn't lose one bit of information.  This was not what he had in mind.  That afternoon we sat down and he entered as much information as I knew about each contact into my address book on my computer, comes the exciting part...we bluetoothed it to my phone!  And wahla!  There it was, all of my contacts on my phone and computer so that I never had to worry about losing them.

Fast forward one year and there I am in the passenger seat of the car banging on my phone screen because the touch screen is not responding to touch!  I was panicked, confused, and furious.  Boy was I ever furious.  My biggest connection to this world, my photo album of all my girls cuteness, my instant phone directory, all of it was there but just out of my reach.  I felt as if my phone had betrayed me.  So after contacting the insurance company, because you always buy insurance on anything possible when you have toddlers, I received a new upgraded phone two days later.  All of the excitement of the Christmas before came flooding back as I looked at all the new features and scrolled across the multiple display screens.  I rushed home and got on my computer to bluetooth all my information to the phone only to realize one problem.  I had the original 43 contacts from my first cheap phone, however, I had over 200 on the one that just betrayed me.  So there I was faced with a big dilemma, get the old phone to work just long enough to get the contacts or face the dreaded "TXT ME UR # PLZ!!!" post.

My fiance, God bless him, banged, poked and prodded my old phone just enough to get the screen to respond at random times.  Finally he looked around online (which is what he is best at) and found a code to manually open the phone up, the problem was it reset everything.  It was all lost and I was the one asking for numbers.  

It is amazing how much information one phone can carry.  Every business I visit on a regular basis was programed into that phone, along with doctors, repair services, friends, family, email addresses and websites.  All the information I needed was at my fingertips until it was so rudely taken from me.  I have however learned to back up my information every month or so, so that the next meltdown (and there will be another one at some point) will be far less devastating.  

P.S.  If you're reading this and I know you, text me  your number if I haven't called in awhile cause I still don't have everyone reprogrammed in yet.

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